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Charlotte Pavard

Welcome to my website !

It is a pleasure to present to you my work as a freelance journalist and traveller, passionate about cinema and environment. In my long career I have achieved quite a few of my dreams and goals : writing travel guides for the beautiful French editor Gallimard, covering the Festival de Cannes which I watched every year since I was a teenager, and proposing articles in Spanish for one of the most respectable daily newspapers in Spain, La Vanguardia. I have enjoyed this challenging work so much.

New projects, new goals. I am happy to show you my own travel guide, a personal work about Seychelles, my childhood archipelago. No more plastic, this “20 most beautiful beaches” book is printed on recycled paper. I invite you to enjoy the beauty of one of the last true gems on earth. And be ready for more books to come ! I give you one clue : I Love NY !

Kenya,1983. I was lucky enough to travel around Africa all my childhood. Dad is a filmmaker.

Seychelles, 1983

NY, keep you posted...

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Dans ce guide, je vous offre mes plus belles adresses coup de cœur, les pépites d’une Parisienne qui rêve de montrer sa ville dans toute son authenticité, celle qui fait son âme.