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Legal notices

1. Legal notices

This website is published by: Charlotte Pavard
Editor-in-Chief: Charlotte Pavard

Our contact details are: chabxl [at]
The website hosting provider is: OVH

2. Terms of use

By accessing and/or using this Website accessible at the address (hereinafter “the Site”), any user accepts, tacitly and without reservation, the present conditions of use of the Site.

3. Intellectual Property

The Site and each of its components, including but not limited to texts, articles, newsletters, brochures, keyword clouds, images, illustrations, photographs, databases, software (hereinafter “Intellectual Property Elements”), are protected by intellectual property rights. Total or partial reproduction of the Intellectual Property Elements is prohibited. The user is only authorized to display the Site’s pages on their screen and is allowed to reproduce the Site’s Intellectual Property Elements temporarily for the sole purpose of consulting the Site. The user is only permitted to download and reproduce, on any medium, publications, particularly newsletters when such reproduction or representation is strictly for personal, private, and non-commercial purposes. The user must refrain from sharing these publications with third parties, including via email or making them available on a website or server. The user is authorized to make short quotations from the Site, provided that the following is clearly specified: the origin of the document (i.e. “extracted from the site”) the title of the cited document or the page cited, the name of the author if known, the date of the document if known.

4. Use of the Site

All data, information, and publications accessible, displayed, or downloadable from the Site are not exhaustive and are provided for purely informational purposes. The Site cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage resulting from any user’s use of the data, information, or publications accessible or downloadable from the Site. The Site cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for the content accessible through the hyperlinks published on the Site or the files available for download from the Site, or the websites accessible through the hyperlinks published on the Site. The creation and publication of a hyperlink to one of the Site’s pages are allowed, subject to the prior and explicit agreement of the Site.

5. Use of Information

Despite the care taken in processing information, the Site disclaims all responsibility for errors or omissions in the information published on this site. The Site cannot be held responsible for the interpretation of the information contained on this site or the consequences of their use.

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